Casa da Memória in Florianopolis

Casa da Memória

Address: R. Padre Miguelinho, 58 - Centro, Florianópolis - SC, 88015-000
Phone: (48) 3333-1322

In the Historical Center of Florianópolis, right beside the Metropolitan Cathedral, there is a beautiful building built in the 1920s. At that time, it was used as the headquarters for Partido Republicano Catarinense (Santa Catarina Republican Party).

Several symbols belonging to different architectural styles coexist in the architecture of that building, forming a construction of eclectic characteristics suggesting wealth and power. And it is in that scenery that one finds installed currently Casa da Memória de Florianópolis (The House of the Memory of Florianópolis): a documentation center where documents are restored, organized, preserved, as well as visual, sound, bibliographical registrations and documents relative to the history, memory, identity and cultural production of the city are publicized.

The House of the Memory hosts the coordination of Patrimônio Cultural da Fundação Franklin Cascaes (Franklin Cascaes Cultural Patrimony Foundation) and it is listed by the Municipality and State.

Casa Natal de Victor Meirelles

Casa Natal de Victor Meirelles in Florianopolis

Address: R. Rafael Bandeira, 41 - Centro, Florianópolis - SC, 88015-450
Phone: (48) 3222-0692

This visit will bring full satisfaction to your aesthetic sense. First, because of the beautiful XIX century building implanted on the street, almost without sidewalk and with wide masonry of stones, bricks and stuccos. Second, because of the romantic alcoves, still preserved on the upper floor. Third, because when admiring Victor Meirelles' (1832-1903) countless sketches and canvases, the sensitive part of your being will enter in communion with the beauty and the great artist's geniality.

Some Victor Meirelles de Lima's works: The First Mass in Brazil; Battle of Guararapes; View of Desterro (current Florianópolis).

Beside this museum there are Antiga Escola Normal and Academia de Comércio beautiful buildings.Victor Meirelles' house is listed by the National Historical and Artistic Patrimony since 1950.

Centro Cultural Bento Silvério

Centro Cultural Bento Silvério in Florianopolis

Address: R. Henrique Veras do Nascimento, 50 - Lagoa da Conceição, Florianópolis - SC, 88010-102
Phone: (48) 3232-1514

An architectural complex composed by two constructions - one reserved for the radio-telegraphic station and another destined to shelter the house of machines - was built in Lagoa da Conceição in 1912.

In 1914, with the event of First World War, coincidentally or not, the radio was deactivated. The construction, well preserved, stands as the only representative of the architecture of the post-industrial revolution period in Santa Catarina Island.

Now it hosts an advanced post of Fundação Franklin Cascaes, which promotes courses and workshops of arts, a place where several cultural manifestations happen and that preserves the history and the island people memory.

Centro Integrado de Cultura

Centro Integrado de Cultura in Florianopolis

Address: Av. Gov. Irineu Bornhausen, 5600 - Agronômica, Florianópolis - SC, 88025-201
Phone: (48) 3664-2555

Professor Henrique da Silva Fontes Integrated Culture Center was inaugurated in 1982 having the function of hosting in a same place several forms of cultural and artistic manifestations.

CIC is linked to Fundação Catarinense de Cultura (Santa Catarina Culture Foundation) and hosts:
- Ademir Rosa Theater, with 956 seats;
- Cineclube Nossa Senhora do Desterro, with 187 seats;
- MASC - Museum of Art of Santa Catarina, the third museum of Brazil, with almost 2000 m2 and more than 1100 Brazilian works of art. The museum also possesses in its collection, an excellent retrospective of Santa Catarina art.
- MIS - Museu da Imagem e do Som (Museum of Image and of Sound).

CIC still hosts the State Council of Culture, Santa Catarina Letters Academy, the Symphonic Orchestra of the State, an Atelier of Conservation and Restoration of Furniture, and permanent workshops of art, providing culture to all Santa Catarina citizens. It comprises 9.993 square meters with the most expressive art that is produced in the city and in the State.

Eco-Museu do Ribeirão da Ilha

Eco-Museu do Ribeirão da Ilha in Florianopolis

Address: Rod. Baldicero Filomeno, 10106 - Ribeirão da Ilha, Florianópolis - SC, 88064-002
Phone: (48) 3237-8148

Eco-museum has as purpose to preserve and to show goods, identifying its conception, keeping all the original lines, either in a material construction, or in the relationship with the ecosystem or even in its socio-cultural function.

The Ribeirão da Ilha Eco-Museum has as one of its goals to preserve the bases of the Azorean culture produced in Santa Catarina rural area. The Museum is installed in a house dated from 1921, with an atmosphere that creates again the Azorean colonization, gathering old pieces of furniture, sacred and folkloric pieces and electronic relics. Beside the house a typical flour mill can be seen, that still shelters the original machinery in which the cassava flour was manufactured in an artisanal way.

The Eco-museum also has an auditorium where lectures, courses and exhibitions of cultural videos are promoted. The Inn and the Museum restaurant complete the architectural complex with beautiful view of the beach.

Museu de Armas Major Antonio de Lara Ribas

Museu de Armas Major Antonio de Lara Ribas in Florianopolis

Address: Av. Osvaldo Rodrigues Cabral, 525 - Centro, Florianópolis - SC, 88010-102
Phone: (48) 3229-6947

When visiting the grandiose Santana Fort do not miss the Weapons Museum. Children and adults will love to see the old weapons exposed there, the uniforms from several times and the simple "pipe-car" to extinguish fires.

Santana Fort reveals the system of defense of Santa Catarina Island in an expressive way and the Weapons Museum unveils for the civil eyes, a bit of the history of the warlike material in this place

Museu do Homem do Sambaqui

Museu do Homem do Sambaqui in Florianopolis

Address: R. Esteves Júnior, 711 - Centro, Florianópolis - SC, 88010-400
Phone: (48) 3251-1516

A visit to Colégio Catarinense is an obligatory program to the ones that arrive to Florianópolis. It is impossible to be immune to the grandiosity of the centennial building. Inside the area of the School it is possible to see the beautiful Chapel of Santa Catarina of Alexandria with its enormous window panels and mainly to discover the world of the archaeology through the Sambaqui Man Museum.

The Museum began to take shape in 1964 by the Priest João Alfredo Rohr's hands and today it possesses one of the largest archaeological collections of Brazil. As prominence it has: rupestral inscriptions; skeletons and mortuary urns taken from archaeological sites in Santa Catarina Island and from the state countryside. The pieces date from 4 to 8 thousand years.

Children adore the zootechny area, with several species of animals preserved by taxidermy. An extraordinary program for all ages! The School is Patrimony of the Municipality and the Museum is Federal and State Patrimony.

Museu Histórico de Santa Catarina

Museu Histórico de Santa Catarina in Florianopolis

Address: Praça XV de Novembro, 227 - Centro, Florianópolis - SC, 88010-560
Phone: (48) 3665-6363

Have you ever seen a pink palace, looking like the scenery of a period film? It exists and is located in Praça XV de Novembro. It is Cruz and Souza Palace, which hosts Santa Catarina Historical Museum.

You will be surprised by seeing a palace rich in history, furniture, art and beauty. Brace yourself, because you will find in it: staircase made of Carrara marble, medieval horsemen statues in bronze, inlaid work parquets, rooms with furniture of the XIX century and an immense and magnificent art-nouveau window panel.

Teatro Álvaro de Carvalho

Teatro Álvaro de Carvalho in Florianopolis

Address: R. Mal. Guilherme, 26 - Centro, Florianópolis - SC, 88015-000
Phone: (48) 3665-6400

If you are used to frequent theaters in another places, you will love visiting Teatro Álvaro de Carvalho. Soon after entering, you will be involved by the magic and mystery that the old show rooms still possess.

Inaugurated in 1875 as Teatro Santa Isabel (in honor to Princesa Isabel), it was named Teatro Álvaro of Carvalho in 1894 in deference to the first local playwright, but also in a recognized breaking attitude towards the Brazilian monarchic system.

Imposing building, this room of shows had great socio-cultural importance in the city and it shelters in its "foyer", two immense canvases by the plastic artist Martinho de Haro. With capacity for 400 seats it receives shows from the whole country.

Teatro da Ubro

Teatro da Ubro in Florianopolis

Address: R. Pedro Soares, 15 - Centro, Florianópolis - SC, 88010-102
Phone: 48) 3222-0529

While the Week of Modern Art surprised the country in 1922, the foundation of the União Beneficente Recreativa Operária - UBRO (Beneficent Recreational Worker Union), took place in Florianópolis.

The Association always developed activities in the pursuit for the rights of the working class. In this sense, in 1931, it inaugurated its head office in the historical center of the capital, leading off the functions of the first theater destined to Santa Catarina working class.

In 1993 the building of the UBRO collapsed, but its façade remained unharmed, being then incorporated to a new building. UBRO Theater hosts currently a place for shows with capacity for 100 people in homelike atmosphere, administrated by Franklin Cascaes Cultural Foundation.