The Capital of Santa Catarina State, Florianopolis, is an ideal place to practice all kind of sports and activities - on the water, land or in the air. The city has over 40 beaches surrounded by all kinds of vegetation and mountains.

Windsurfing in Florianopolis
Surfing in Florianopolis

For SURFING enthusiasts one of the best beaches is Joaquina, long with perfect dunes were you can also practice SANDBOARDING; Brava beach, with open water; Mole, with a lot of surfing contests; Santinho, where all the people that practice the sport meet; and on Barra da Lagoa beach.

Cycling in Florianopolis
Sandboarding in Florianopolis

At Lagoa da Conceição, the sports practiced are WINDSURFING, KITESURFING and SAILING. There you can find courses and equipment rental. Depending on the weather, Lagoa is also the place for PARAGLIDING, along with Morro da Praia Mole and Morro Queimado, or the close bay city call Santo Amaro da Imperatriz, 35 km from Floripa.

Scuba in Florianopolis
Hiking in Florianopolis

Divers can also have fun in Florianopolis. Part of a reservation, called Ilha do Arvoredo offers some of the best DIVING points in Brazil. On Campeche Island it is possible to dive in calm and clear water with local guides.

Sailing in Florianopolis
Kitesurfing in Florianopolis

Those who like the land can practice TREKKING/HIKING or BIKING on the city beaches or on of the many trails in the Rain Forest covered mountains. At numerous close by locations (within a 1hr drive inland) you can also practice RAFTING, CANYONING, RAPPELLING and other river sports.

Parasailing in Florianopolis
Rafting in Florianopolis