Praia de Santo Antônio de Lisboa

Santo Antônio de Lisboa Beach is positioned in the North Bay, with calm sea, yellowish sand, and grayish in some parts due to the flow of small streams that go along the highway that gives access to the rest of the District. It borders on Riacho Colombo to the North and ends in the stone point known as Pedra do Padre.

Santo Antônio de Lisboa is one of the oldest communities of Santa Catarina Island and therefore a strong center of Azorean culture. Some historical and centennial constructions are present and together with the local typical cookery and the countless artisans that work there consecrated the area as an important place of historical tourism and leisure.

Santo Antônio de Lisboa Beach belongs to the District of same name and is 14km far from Florianópolis downtown. It is 750 meters long and its width varies of 2 to 40 meters