Praia do Sambaqui

Sambaqui Beach borders on the South side of the point of Sambaqui and stretches jagged, in spaces of small beaches, until the Riacho do Quilombo. Almost whole extension of the beach is constituted of private properties and beach spaces open to the public are rare.

Traditional and organized community, with quite expressive local population, Sambaqui Beach offers significant cultural attractiveness through several regional plastic artists and also for hosting an important Ilhéu (islander) folkloric group, besides its natural attractiveness. The tourism is restricted to the domestic model, not offering hotel facilities, leaving to the tourist the rent of houses in the summer in order to enjoy the social events.

Sambaqui Beach belongs to Santo Antonio de Lisboa District and is 16km far from Florianópolis downtown, facing North. It is 1.150 meters long and its width varies from 0 to 25 meters.