Praia dos Naufragados

Naufragados Beach received this denomination when Azorean immigrants settled there, whose ships wrecked close to this beach. It begins close to Ponta dos Naufragados and extends until Ponta do Frade. This beach has a wide strip of white and fine sand, faces the Atlantic Ocean, and forms wide and strong waves, especially when the South wind blows. It forms a curved bay opened to the ocean, with Ilhas Três Irmãs and Ilha dos Moleques do Sul to its left, revealing charming scenery.

There is an important lighthouse (1861) to guide the sailors, a set of cannons and an administrative complex of the Brazilian Army close to Ponta dos Naufragados. Ilha de Araçatuba is placed in the entrance of Barra, that hosts Nossa Senhora da Conceição da Barra Fortress (1765).

Praia dos Naufragados belongs to Ribeirão da Ilha District. It is necessary to go until the end of Baldicero Filomeno Road (40km), then, walk more 4km through trails to get there. It is 1.450 meters long and its width varies from15 to 100 meters.