Praia do Moçambique

Mozambique Beach is the largest beach of Santa Catarina Island and of the whole Santa Catarina coast. Ocean beach with strong waves, white sands and waters with strong salinity, it offers great conditions for the tainha (mullet) fishing, either by net or by besiegement.

Mozambique Beach integrates Parque Florestal do Rio Vermelho. Being a reserve it is an isolated beach and not much frequented. The services inside of the Park are open to the public for use and visitation. It borders on Ponta das Aranhas to the North and on Distrito da Barra da Lagoa to the South.

Praia do Moçambique belongs to São João do Rio Vermelho District, 22,5km far from Florianópolis downtown through Lagoa da Conceição, or 41km through Praia dos Ingleses. It is 7.500 meters long and its width varies from 8 to 50 meters.