Praia do Parque da Lagoa do Peri

This beach belongs to Parque Municipal da Lagoa do Peri (Lagoa do Peri Municipal Park), proclaimed in l986. The Pond of Peri is one of the most important natural reserves of Santa Catarina Island. The beach is located in the park close to Canal Sangrador, which has its limit to the South.

It has a wide strip of white and clean sands and, fresh and calm water, whose ground pond descends in a moderate decline with aquatic vegetation in its margins. It is rich with fish, with prominence for the fishing of tilápia, also having many of fresh water fish, as acará. Along the pond the vegetation is exuberant, providing an excellent shade. The beach and the pond are good for fishing, nautical sports, recreation and ecological studies.

Praia da Armação is on the other side of the pond and highway, forming a tourist complex of excellent quality. Lagoa do Peri Park Beach belongs to Pântano do Sul District and it is located in the South of the Island, 24km far from Florianópolis downtown. It is around 500 meters long and 50 meters wide.