Praia da Joaquina

Joaquina Beach, being a sporting beach, is the most fashionable beach of Santa Catarina Island. It is the preferred beach by surfers and other nautical sports people, having hosted for several times the WCT (World Championship Tour). Those events made it internationally famous. It is an oceanic beach, of clear sand and strong and long waves, with many water twists, becoming very dangerous in the breaking of the waves.

Joaquina Beach is also known by the creative sand board, a variation of the traditional surf and that happens on the great and beautiful dunes that contours the beach. Joaquina, how it is usually called, has its beginning in the end of Campeche Beach and ends at Ponta do Retiro. It has modern infrastructure oriented to tourism with hotels, restaurants and inns.

Joaquina Beach belongs to Lagoa da Conceição District and it is 15km far from Florianópolis downtown towards North/East. It is 3.000 meters long and its width varies from 8 to 70 meters.