Praia da Galheta

Calheta Beach (better known as Galheta) belongs to Calheta Municipal Park, and for this reason, is a permanent preservation area. It is an oceanic beach, with clear waters and fine white sand. It is formed by a small, but deep bay and it causes the waves to get to the shore softened and calm.

Calheta Beach is set in at Ponta do Meio and ends in Ponta do Caçador. Calheta Point is farther north, behind a grandiose formation of 2km of rock walls. Exhibiting exuberant vegetation and drawing the whole contour of the beach, Morro da Calheta is displayed, still turning the scenery into a more homelike one. This beach is reserved for the practice of the naturalism, but there are native inhabitants that are dedicated to fishing.

Calheta Beach belongs to Lagoa da Conceição District and is 16,5 km far from Florianópolis downtown. It is 800 meters long and its width varies from 3 to 35 meters.