Praia do Canto da Lagoa

Canto da Lagoa Beach is one of the most traditional places of Lagoa da Conceição District. It begins at the end of Praia do Baixio and it finishes at Ponta do Badejo. The beach is actually a group of small bays, with few spaces of sand and a lot of shrubs. Area that was always of difficult access by terrestrial transport, it used to be reached by boat or on foot. Now, it has a narrow and full of obstacles road.

Traditionally it is an area of native inhabitants that are dedicated to fishing and agriculture. The domestic tourism has been promoted, bringing a good traffic to its marinas.

Canto da Lagoa Beach belongs to Lagoa da Conceição District, located in the South margin and is13km far from Florianópolis downtown. It is 700 meters long and its width varies from 0 to 3 meters.