Praia do Cacupé Grande

This beach borders on Cacupé Grande point to the North and Ponta do Siqueira to the South. It has calm waters (bay sea), weak waves and its sands are bright yellow with clean sea floor. Two small streams flow on this beach, coming from Morro do Cacupé. It is a quite shaded beach and its outline presents soft curves.

It is a recreational and beach resort, mainly for people that go to the beach and return in the same day, due to the proximity with downtown and also due to its modest touristic infrastructure. A beautiful panoramic view of Florianópolis downtown can be seen from this beach, as well as a good view of its bridges and Estreito District on the mainland.

Cacupé Beach belongs to Santo Antonio de Lisboa District and it is located to the north, 11km from Florianópolis downtown. It is 650 meters long and its width varies from 1 to 12 meters.