Praia Brava

Brava Beach extends from Ponta da Feiticeira to the end of Ponta do Bota. It is a beach surrounded by steep and high massif of clay and stone. Having oceanic characteristics, its waters are limpid with strong salinity and pleasant temperature. Its sand is clear, fine and soft.

Its denomination comes from strong water twist caused by strong and wild waves. Deep wells are formed in the breaking of the waves turning this beach feared by local fishermen, in spite of being rich with fish.

It offers excellent touristic infrastructure, since the establishment of a great enterprise in the place. It has bars, restaurants, varied commerce and offers residences for the summer. Brava Beach belongs to Cachoeira do Bom Jesus District and is 37km far from downtown Florianópolis. It is 920 meters long and its width varies from 10 to 150 meters.