Praia da Barra da Lagoa

It is an open sea beach but with calm waters. That is due to the fact that the Barra Canal stops the waves, turning them into calmer and smoother ones. Its waters are clean, of low salinity (there is a mixture with the lagoon water) and the sand is white and fine. Hills surround the beach making it beautiful and cozy.

It is the community homestead of the district with the same name, and it has the fishing, recreation, tourism and residence functions. Being of traditional community, its folklore is rich and its main event, Festa da Tainha, happens every year in July.

Barra da Lagoa beach belongs to Barra da Lagoa District, which is located in Santa Catarina Island East Coast, 20Km far from Florianópolis downtown. It is 650 meters long and it is between 5 and 50 meters wide.